Reasons WHY Email Marketing Fails at Times!!

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Every day new data is shared about email marketing; sometimes that data creates more confusion than it resolves. However, the same email marketing, when done right, is very effective. If your email marketing efforts are falling flat, then the problem is your overall mass email campaign. It’s not that email marketing itself is a failing trend. You are told about the strategies that will be effective almost everywhere, but you are never told about things you should avoid, when it comes to email marketing.

This article here is all about the DONTS that you need to dodge. The factors that are discussed here are generally causing email marketing campaigns to fail.

a. If the content is not...

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Most of the times, you might be spamming your own prospects without even knowing. You're likely be thinking “how can I?” and even then, you don’t stop mass email marketing until it stops working. And, at that point, it's too late and you're left with no money.
Or if you are sure that you are going the right way, even then, how can you guarantee that you're maximizing the potential of your campaigns? How can you ensure that your audience is receiving your emails, reading them, and eventually, becoming customers? Well you cant. Least you can do is doing your best.
Here are some of the strategies for the evolution of your mass email marketing along with some of the challenges that you might get in counter with.


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If you are spending too much time and money to get new customers, then STOP RIGHT THERE and focus more on your existing customers. Every successful business has customers’ list that is acquired obviously over a period of time. But that isn’t permanent… All businesses lose their customers now or then, therefore it’s very necessary to maintain the existing customers.
‘Acquiring’ customers is like a walk in the park but making them ‘stay’ is what that needs effort. At first getting the customers doesn’t seem tough but as you move down in the marketing funnel, you will get to know that things are little bit demanding. Internet is loaded with thriving Businesses due to which...

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New Trends Of Bulk Email Marketing In 2018

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2018 is going to be a great year for marketing. Last year, we saw first time mobile traffic exceeding that of any other platform. This was long predicted, and focus has been shifted almost completely to mobile friendly marketing campaigns.
But big question, how much are you prepared for 2018 as a marketing year?

This article will try to answer your most important marketing questions.

New Year Marketing Excitement!

So, you have set your brand, done with the preparation of all of the sales funnels, and now you are ready to start your marketing year in a great way. What could possibly go wrong? Sit back and enjoy the roller coaster ride, watching the sales roll in? But NOT SO FAST!! You aren’t prepared yet.
It doesn’t matter...


Ever wonder why your open rates are low?

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I have been hearing this a lot lately from my clients and other fellow marketers that their open rates are falling. Though they have same kind of audience and same content.
If you are experiencing same, you are not alone.
You know, email marketing is still very effective, but it is changing. Specially, ISP spam filters are updating every now and then, and marketers really have to adapt to these changes in order to remain up to date.
Most marketers still believe they can do HIT and RUN email marketing. This is changing.

No.1 Reason why your open rates are low because you are not creating enough subscriber engagements for ISPs to think your content is loved by subscribers.
What does subscriber engagement mean?
ISPs are now...

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Does Bulk Email Marketing Still Work In 2017?

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Bulk email, email marketing in 2017

Discover the Latest trends in Bulk Email Marketing

After all these years, bulk email marketing still remains the cheapest and most cost effective digital marketing channel. With all those inbox spam filters and restrictions in place, one questions whether these marketing methods are still effective and working?
Since we can look at our customer’s data at a better angel, we can tell you that bulk email is not only still effective, it is thriving. Our customers are getting thousands of new leads every day using platform, and they all do it with bulk email marketing.
But you have to know the right rules of game in order to make the most out of bulk emails.
Here are some facts about Bulk Emailing and why it is still...

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Emails and Newsletters are extraordinary wellspring of expanding movement on your websites yet overlooking them can bring about swear decays. In the event that your bulletins and messages are compelling then they can make an agreeable connection with your clients which I figure is the best and top business method. The best part of this inviting relationship is that they can make an in number bond between clients and an organization more than a site can.

So how about we examine how would we keep that bond solid so that our clients will stay joined with us? In this article, I will talk about those vital tips about overseeing messages and pamphlets through which our site movement can increment and we stay joined with clients.
Before concluding material for your pamphlet, take a minute and consider your gathering of people, territory of their advantage .Just take a sample moderately aged ladies presumably won't be highly intrigued by that article which has...

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10 Subject Lines That Will Get You Most Opens

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Email marketing campaigns are surely an efficient way to entice your target audiences, but you have to tie up your laces to make the most out of it. Correct timing and right words warrant the success s of your email marketing campaign. Pick a fire-up attitude in your subject lines and you will see a noticeable difference in your sales. According to a report, almost 35 to 44% email recipients open emails because of their impressive subject lines. Make your subject lines catchy and get more opens. I'm sure you've heard it, 'First Impression is the Last Impression'.
Following are the 10 Subject Lines that can give a boost to your email marketing campaign by giving you most opens.


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6 Best Tips to Write Effective Email Autoresponder Messages

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Autoresponder Messages may not be a preferred substitute over personal responses for many users, but they are definitely a necessary one. Be it a welcome email, a subscription or purchase confirmation email, you simply can’t send each one separately every time a customer interacts with your website in any way and requires a response.
Autoresponder Messages tend to be annoying to some users who expect personal correspondence from your website. The key, therefore, is to get your message across by not using an automatic way. Here are a few tips for you to write effective Email Autoresponder Messages.

Be quick

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Top 7 Tips to Write a Professional Email Copy

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A professional email copy is the key to a successful bulk email marketing campaign. The way you lay out an email copy to send out to your entire subscribers’ list is extremely important, hence its composition should not be done in a hurry. Here are our top 7 tips to compose the perfect email copy for your next campaign.

Simplicity is the Key

When it comes to email marketing, your first impression is formed in a subscriber’s mind as they read the first email you send them. Even though many companies of today tend to use...

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