5 Reasons why Dedicated SMTP Relay Servers are Ideal for Enterprises with High Volume Email Needs

It is always believed that a dedicated SMTP relay server should be the first choice of businesses that intend to send unlimited messages to their customers. Below are the 5 reasons why dedicated SMTP relay servers are recommended for large enterprises having huge email needs.
More Emails per Month
Most of the SMTP relay services offer shared servers for organizations with medium-sized emailing needs. The figures are usually limited to 150,000 emails per month. However, the large enterprises with high email needs are always recommended to use a dedicated SMTP server to send their emails. Using this server, organizations can send more than 200,000 messages per month, and it is usually coupled with a dedicated IP address. This would avoid your own IP from being blacklisted or tagged as SPAM.
Low Encumbrance on the Server
As a point of fact, using an SMTP server, whether shared or dedicated, ensures the deliverability of your emails. Though the sender is notified with a delivery failure message in case of undelivered emails, the SMTP server automatically resends the same message until the transmission is successful. As a shared SMTP server is employed by several users, it might be engaged in sending millions of messages at the same time. This can affect the efficiency and promised delivery time of the server, which is not tolerated by high profile enterprises. On the other hand, a dedicated SMTP relay server is your property; they are more efficient in carrying on-time delivery to whatever number of email addresses you want.
High Security with Dedicated IPs

As stated above, dedicated SMTP servers are usually coupled with dedicated IPs. An IP address is the identity of a computer connected to an open network. This identity is unique and cannot be allocated to another PC. So in an unfortunate situation when your emails are tagged as SPAM, your main IP is secured from being blacklisted. You can continue to send your emails from a new IP address.
In a shared SMTP server, your email listings and other data are more vulnerable to external threats. You never know how many users are using your server. Other users can intentionally or unintentionally invite malicious threats, making your email listings and other data more vulnerable. It is therefore highly recommended to use dedicated SMTP relay servers to secure your email operations.
Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a dedicated server is far better than that of a shared server. Though choosing a dedicated server is an expensive decision, it provides premium service and best possible experience to your potential customers. Although shared servers guarantee 99.99% uptime, we cannot overlook the risk of failures and downtimes resulted due to other users on those servers. On the other hand, a dedicated server assures 100% network uptime and 100% power and HVAC uptime. Moreover, the hardware replacement time window is also very short in dedicated servers.
Additionally, the actions of other users cannot affect the performance, availability and reputation of your server, as you are the only one using it. 

Message Tracking and Technical Support

Online businesses usually want to review the specific email messages sent to their customers from an SMTP relay server. In a shared server, tracking a message sometimes becomes so hard, as the server contains messages of all its users . On the other hand, a dedicated server contains messages only sent by you, which are easy to identify.
Whether you are using your own dedicated server or that of a third party, you are always advised to employ the SMTP relay services to deliver your emails. Outsourcing this job would not only reduce your administration cost, but also provide you with help in technical issues. If you find trouble, just make a call to your service provider and let them handle the situation.
No one would deny the usefulness of a dedicated SMTP relay server for large enterprises with high level of email communication. Despite being expensive, it is the first choice of most businesses around the world.

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