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Everyone gets emails, far too many emails. This gets frustrating at times. But the most annoying thing about this bombardment is this that how poorly these emails are managed in mass email marketing and how much irrelevant they are. In bulk email marketing, an email gets few seconds of attention, whenever it lands in any inbox.

Its impact, in those few seconds, decides whether it is worthy enough to be considered further or not. Try to have that once and for all type of chance and be conscious about everything from how your email starts off to how it is formatted.

Nevertheless, regardless of the industry you’re in, these key mass email marketing practices have a direct effect on the success rate of your email marketing campaign. Though practices are quite straightforward but they help your business in improving your mass email marketing.

You need to put a great effort into your email marketing campaign, when it comes to the time management. Time plays an important role in maximizing open and click-through rates. In mass email marketing, you deal with emails, all at once. With the help of email marketing funnels, messages are sent automatically, at a specific time, which you have set. Email conversion funnels are able to remind, engage and convince contacts to take specific actions. Try to track down the time which is most suitable. Customer will definitely won’t bother to open your email if he is busy or is not in a temperament of dealing with these things. So, the timing of, when people should receive your messages, matters a lot in bulk email marketing.


In every email conversation, the main focus is to target your audience with any offer i.e. what will they get if they join hands with you. All you need to do is to keep in mind that your offer needs to be relevant and desirable by your audience, or they will not take your offer into consideration. As a result, your email conversion funnel will not convert.
Therefore, spend time researching what your audience wants and needs when it comes to bulk email marketing. Find the problems and pain points that your target audience seeks solutions for, then offer those solutions in your email conversion funnels. The trick is matching the offer to the audience depending on where they are in the buyer journey and where you want to move them to in your overall marketing funnel.


In bulk email marketing, the subject line of each message in your email conversion funnels is the very important. Why? Well, If your subject line isn’t influential enough to convince people for whatever reason you are going with, there is no way else. Your subject lines should be short enough to be fully displayed in most email inboxes. Try to keep your subject lines as short as 50 characters. Address the audience’s pain point and the solution you’re offering, but keep your subject line clear. It’s also very important that the content of your messages must be according to the subject line. Or else you will lose your customers when they will discover the content of the message is unrelated. It can also destroy your chance of creating brand trust. Ultimately, you could lose conversions and subscribes will leave.


Try to keep your emails well designed and professional. It creates the perception of quality and build trust with recipients. Also, keep them optimized for all devices. This is very important now because most of the email messages are opened on mobile devices.


Most people don’t want to spend time reading email messages, so keep your messages concise. Just make sure your messages are compelling, action-oriented and tap into recipients’ emotions. Explain what recipients get when they follow your call to action and how that action benefits them by addressing their pain point or solving their problem. In addition, be sure to use a real reply-to email address and your real name in your messages and signature to improve the authenticity and trust factor.


Don’t abandon people in the funnel when it’s over. Instead, make sure you continue to nurture and engage them with future email campaigns and automations based on the behaviors they display on your website and when interacting with your future email messages. In fact, the relationship is even more important because it costs less to keep an existing customer and turn them into repeat customers and loyal brand advocates than to attract new customers.

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