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How to Manage Email Bounces for Better Performance

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Bounce rate is one of the most essential matrix to know whether your mass email marketing is being successful or not. They have an inverse relation with one other, Lower the bounce rate, higher the success rate in bulk email marketing.

What bounce rate is? Well, you send out emails, and because of some unknown reasons, your emails cannot make it to the destinations and are rejected. The bounce rate is directly related to the quality of your mailing list. A low bounce rate indicates a clean and confirmed list with active subscribers. A high bounce rate indicates problems with the list management or permission-based methods. 

Here, we give some recommendations to keep your bounce rate as low as possible:

A. Do not buy, rent or harvest email addresses. 

In bulk email marketing, such lists don’t assure you about their quality level. You don’t know which emails are valid and which ones are invalid. There is high risk of sending to a lot of invalid addresses and getting blacklisted. 

B. Use a definite opt-in procedure. 

It’s very clear thing that a single opt-in process is not enough to get a quality list when it comes to bulk email marketing. You need To be sure that each user on your list is valid. Try to use a way that will let you know their validity, for instance; make them confirm their subscription by verifying their email address.

C. Verify your existing mailing list. 

D. Monitor every delivery by domains. 

If you see that only a specific ISP is blocking your emails, you can investigate the root of the problem and go through the removal process. Most ISPs list specific guidelines for resolving problems on their websites.

E. Check your message against spam filters. 

In mass email marketing, a lot of bounce emails happen because the message is blocked by the content filters. You can greatly reduce such bounces if you identify the problems and fix them.

F. Remove repeated bounce emails. 

In bulk email marketing, these may be abandoned mailboxes converted into spam traps. Separate bounce emails from your main list and send a reactivation campaign to them.

G. Allow users to change their email address with you. 

People change providers, companies and thus, abandon old email addresses and get new ones. So, if you allow subscribers to update their email in your base, you’ll retain more customers and stay in good standing with the ISPs.

So the bottom line is high bounce rates spoil your sender reputation, Inbox deliverability and put your bulk email marketing at risk of being shut down. So make sure that you have a working process of removing complaining recipients and recipients whose email addresses have bounced from your subscriber list.

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