New Trends Of Bulk Email Marketing In 2018

2018 is going to be a great year for marketing. Last year, we saw first time mobile traffic exceeding that of any other platform. This was long predicted, and focus has been shifted almost completely to mobile friendly marketing campaigns.
But big question, how much are you prepared for 2018 as a marketing year?

This article will try to answer your most important marketing questions.

 New Year Marketing Excitement!

So, you have set your brand, done with the preparation of all of the sales funnels, and now you are ready to start your marketing year in a great way. What could possibly go wrong?  Sit back and enjoy the roller coaster ride, watching the sales roll in? But NOT SO FAST!! You aren’t prepared yet.
It doesn’t matter whether you are new in your business or are an established entrepreneur; email marketing is a step that can be full of anticipation.  It’s nothing about just setting up your process and then letting the leads roll all on its own. NO!! It isn’t as easy as it seems.
What measures you take before launching your campaign is as important than the campaign itself. There are some simple metrics one should keep in mind in order to maximize the traffic for the Sales & Marketing Funnels via Bulk Emailing. Fortunate yourself by following the major changes in digital marketing and technology, that are being done continuously over the last 15 or 20 years. Looking back, you would have seen the exceptional growth in the tactics of email.
So here are some of the trends we see in Bulk Email Marketing happening in 2018

   Bulk emailing will be used widely for sales funnel traffic in 2018

Any Business Model can be converted into a funnel! Start thinking about funnels not websites.
This year spend some time creating sales funnels for your business. The cheapest way to get traffic for your funnels is through email marketing.
You could spend hours designing and writing persuasive emails explaining the benefits of your product. But if you send your emails to subscribers that aren’t ready to buy your product yet, you’re wasting your time and marketing dollars. Solution? you need a start-to-finish plan for the marketing of your product professionally.
When it comes to sales funnel traffic, you need a predictable way to nurture your leads into customer and your customer into repeat customers.  However, most of the marketers don’t think much over this prospect. Luckily, there’s a tool that can help you do exactly what you are meant to. It’s called the marketing funnel.
Think about how a funnel is used generally: as it is wide from the top, it’s easy to pour in anything. As that respective thing falls down through the funnel, it accumulates at the bottom, and then slowly trickles into the container that might be placed below.
In the same way, your sales funnel moves all your leads through your sales process, and eventually resulting in SALES and Repeat SALES.

Targeting Users According To Their Interests Remains A Top Priority

This tactic is a little more advanced, but it’s still fairly simple to do with the right tools. It’s quite obvious that this will be the highest priority technique in email marketing campaigns in 2018.  Gone are they days of spray and pray email marketing. Try to target the interest of your customers. This approach is usually ignored while advertising the services but this is as vital as oxygen. Placing your advertisement on television, on a diner placemat, or in a journal with no know how of who will see it; that’s what most of the marketers do nowadays and then complain about having no traffic. That’s obvious that people won’t fall for an advertisement that isn’t according to their interest. So what’s all this fuss about? As they say “prevention is better than cure”, Rather than going through the whole processing all over again, after not getting enough revenue, you better segment your audience before launching and then hit the audience according to the services. It’s not only time saving but also a chance for you to impress your customers.
The Email Marketing Industry Census 2017, by Consultancy in association with Adestra, shows that segmentation or targeting the users according to their interests remains the highest priority that is around 80%. It had been the most used technique in email marketing campaigns during 2017. Anyways, Targeting emails ensure that the audience is receiving content suited particularly to their needs. Email marketing makes it simple to customize your message for each customer, nurturing you traffic.
Keep Your Connection Less Boring With Clear And Concise Data to get through 2018

A major trend in email marketing in 2015 and past years was to exaggerate your services as much as you could, making it irritating for the customers to cop up with. Anyways, it doesn’t matter whether your information is accurate, but the most important point is how you are stepping up your game in the email marketing world. In the past two years, the marketers got to learn the importance of concise and up to the point information.
Clarity and conciseness of your emails is an efficient approach; however, make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of over-clarifying. Try to keep the things concise and to the point, but during doing so, don’t omit the necessary things out. When you can explain a thing in a single sentence, don’t exaggerate by adding extra mass. Too much explanation not only wastes users’ time but also frustrates them out.  
Ensure Customer’s Data Privacy And Regulation

Everyone has the right to protect his/her personal data. Customers’ data regulation and privacy is still at risk, even in 2018, marketers need to put data privacy front and center. It’s no mystery to raise this point since this is the most compelling and looming spot. Being the marketer, you have access to the customers’ personal data. You can use that data for the advertisement of your products and services. As long as you are sending out right emails to the respective customers, then it’s perfectly legitimate. But sending out unwanted emails, that are neither of your interest nor theirs’, is definitely a violation of customers’ data privacy.
According to some recent research in 2017, majority of the companies are well aware about ­the customers’ data privacy but haven’t started any work for this. But 2018 wouldn’t be the same. Now, before using customers’ data for any type of marketing purpose, the customers’ approval will be necessary. Efforts are being done to give it a legal status. Penalties are set for enterprise marketers who violate data privacy regulations. Now marketers need to keep their track of how they collect, manage and store customers’ data for their marketing concerns to save themselves from any legal wrath.
Increase Your Revenue With Improved Email Automation in 2018

Expectations have changed. In 2018, it’s no more appealing to send a general email to entire subscribers’ list. At the same time, it will take a lot of time to customize each and every email according to the subscriber. Subscribers generally ignore or delete the emails that are irrelevant to them, more chances are they will unsubscribe or mark you spam to eradicate the fuss. What to do then?
Marketers need to improve their marketing skills as the time passes. Fortunately, this issue has a solution as well.  Email automation is a hot topic in the market. However, different productive amendments are supposed to be done to increase the open rate to its maximum. It’s all about reaching the right customers at right time. Segmenting the email list through marketing automation, will result in greater engagement. Moreover, Transactional emails will be sent automatically to the visitors, as they take any specific action.
Its all mobile or nothing at all in 2018
In 2018, tools and technologies make it achievable for brands to interact with consumers as naturally as possible. Visuals are as important as the product itself. ­ there’s no denying that impressions matter. Try to focus on things like menu layouts and links, button designs and locations, usability, and other tools that emails’ visitors need to appropriately navigate through your email. If you want to complete the experience and customers’ engagement as they wouldn’t need to move onto a new landing page but also increase your click rates.
Responsive Mails: Easy-To-Handle

Encourage more conversions, make sure that your users can interact properly with the emails by designing it in a visually appealing way – especially for your target market.
For instance, a new technique is being introduced i.e., microsite. Microsite is an interactive email that lets the customer to interact with the interface within his/her inbox.  This will not only increase the
Give your mails the best possible chance to perform well by using responsive mailing approach – especially for your regular basis emails. Responsive emails allow your mails to be viewed from any device – mobile or otherwise – and still look and function great.
According to a general survey conducted in 2017, the figure of respondents to responsive emails has increased from 73% to 95%. It’s been the major hit for any email trend in the last year. This is only going to increase in 2018 as well. It is more vital than ever to make your emails responsive, this medium of marketing should never be neglected from other mobile-optimized content. It is very important to note down that generally Mobile optimized sites take more time in loading, that results in low engagement rates and poor click through. While making your emails responsive in 2018, make sure that this factor doesn’t affect your traffic. Another thing, get to know about your audience. Knowing whether your audience prefers desktop experience or a mobile experience is vital. Either way, responsive mails are a perfect call.
In 2018, Email Marketing will still dominate all the digital channels but you have to be constantly on watch out for new trends and technologies. Specially focus on Email + Social strategy and mobile friendliness this year and you will end up being a Marketing Hero.

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