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Top Tips To Improve Email Marketing Response Rates

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With new and advanced digital marketing tools constantly on the rise, e-mail still remains one of the most effective means to get your message across to a large client base in a very short time. With so many emails being sent on a daily basis, it becomes very difficult to ensure that your target customers respond to your emails in the desired manner. To do that, you need to keep in mind a few tried-and-tested email marketing tips that are sure to help you get the response you seek from your customers. Read on to get the top 5 tips to improve email marketing response rates.

Segmenting is basically dividing your list of subscribers into subgroups. Even though everyone on your email list may get some of the messages that you send, it is more effective to send a specific message to one or more subgroups in case of a particular event or occasion. Doing this would help you determine the customers who are more receptive to your messages than others.
Segmentation is an effective approach to distinguish buyers of an offer from non-buyers, ensuring that you do not send offers to subscribers who have already purchased. This way, your messages are more likely to be specific and targeted, and you are less likely to bombard people with unnecessary e-mails that they are not likely to read even.  
Focus on the Subject Line

Considering the amount of emails a person receives daily on average, a strong and clear subject line goes a long way in making sure your email does not end up in the trash or spam folders. A specific and clear subject line tells your targeted audience what they should expect from your email, and why they should bother to read it in the first place. Write your subject line according to the email content, and avoid usage of vague or abstract language as much as possible.

Be Specific

Again, specificity is not only required in the subject line, but in the call to action as well. You would not want someone to read your entire message without telling them what to do exactly. Be very clear on what steps you need the readers to take, for example by providing a link at the end of the message and asking them to visit the page in question. Specific and clear messages tend to improve email marketing response rates through higher click-through rate. The use of images in your message is also helpful in this regard.. 

Emails containing spelling errors, grammatical mistakes or typos etc., are a big NO, since they come across as very unprofessional, resulting in readers deleting them as soon as they open the message. In some cases, such errors may also lead to readers unsubscribing for good, since they might consider such emails as spam. Make sure to proofread your message at least two times to avoid glaring errors. It must look an authentic email instead of spam.

Use Professional Templates

Amongst all email marketing tips, this one is most important and needs special attention, since the presentation of your message is what determines the impression it would leave on your customers. Using a professional template lends the impression that you are putting effort in your marketing campaign, thus increasing your target audience’s trust in your emails. Even though there are a lot of templates available in the market which you can use, it is strongly advised that you invest some time and money in a good custom-built template that works for all the readers, and not just a few of them.
These top tips to improve email marketing response rates would not only achieve their desired purpose, but also differentiate and make your business stand out from the rest. Considering high competition in the market, differentiating your business is the key to success, which lies just within your reach if you follow the simple steps explained above.      
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