5 Cheap and Affordable SMTP Relay Services in 2023


In this article you are going to learn about 5 cheapest and little known SMTP relay services you can choose from that will not break your bank account.

Email is the most used channel of communication on internet — an incredible 306.4 billion messages are sent and received consistently on daily basis. Email Marketing is one of the most well-known specialized business strategies for organizations and people. Have you halted and considered what happens after you click “send”? How does your email message go from you to your recipients? There’s a complicated cycle happening in the background to receive your messages where they should be. At a point, all things considered, is an email convention known as SMTP that is basic for sending messages… and in this article you’re going to learn all about STMP replay services.

What is SMTP?

SMTP, which is short form of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is an email protocol used for sending email messages starting with one email account then onto the next through the web.

Email Servers let different email clients and records effectively trade data, and SMTP is one of the most well-known along with POP and IMAP. IMAP is one of the most common protocols for receiving email. IMAP syncs messages across all devices, so you can access your emails on multiple devices. POP3 is another protocol for receiving email on a single device. The benefit of POP3 is that it downloads your emails and deletes them from our server, which also makes it ideal for users with limited internet connectivity.

It is additionally the main devoted convention for sending messages. Most email clients — including Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail — depend on SMTP to “push” or send messages from a sender to receiver.

Like all servers, a SMTP server is an application that offers support to different applications inside an organization, called email clients. Particularly, a SMTP server handles the sending, getting, and handing-off of email.

You can consider servers as your genuine mail depots. At the point when you send a letter from city A to city B, it first arrives at a neighborhood mail center in city A; here, it gets handled and sent on the mailing station in city B, which is responsible for conveying it to its last objective.

The same is the case with SMTP servers — however rather than requiring days, the interaction requires a few seconds.

You could have likewise gone over the term SMTP port. Those are the correspondence endpoints that handle the exchange of email information over SMTP as it travels through the network, starting with one server then onto the next.

How does SMTP work?

If you want to know how SMTP works, you have to go over its  sending process, the commands which operate it and the rules which are followed by it, and the encountered errors.

From here things get technical.

Once you set up an SMTP server , clients can get connected through emails and can communicate within it. 

When the sender hits the “SEND” button which is on an email message then the email client opens its SMTP connection which is connected to its server to send it.

SMTP connection is always built on TCP connect. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol.

Now from here The SMTP client has used the command to tell the server what to transfer like receiver’s email address, mail content , senders email address. Mail transfer agent (MTA) cross checks it both email address are same domain i.e. like gmail.com 

-It sends the email immediately, if both are the same.

-If not same then the server uses DNS (domain Name Server) to identify the recipient’s domain and then sends it immediately.

STMP relay service

What is STMP Relay Service

An SMTP relay service allows businesses to use their email servers to send bulk email/cold emails and they lease this facility to you on a monthly fee. Relay services are needed when you have a large number of emails to deliver (we are talking significant daily volumes from 5,000-15,000+ messages per day) and dont want to send them via your own server for due to capacity issues. The main benefit is that you get all the features of your own domain name, e.g., secure email (TLS/SSL),SPF, DKIM signing and personalization without having to worry about technical stuff.

This blog post will discuss some of the things to consider when choosing an SMTP relay provider along with an overview of the 4 providers that were tested.

Some Common SMTP Relay Service Providers Are

BulkResponse 2000+ emails in $1Don’t block email account on complain
SendGridIts prices start from $19.95/month to $89.95/monthBlocks email account on complain
Amazon SESIts prices start from $199Blocks email account on complain
MailgunIts prices start from $35/month* to $90/monthBlocks email account on complain
PostMarkIts prices start from $50/month* to $1200/monthBlocks email account on complain

SMTP Relay Service Comparison

Here is a brief comparison of all the SMTP relay services described in above chart. You can draw your own conclusion which one is the best and cheapest SMTP relay service


BulkResponse stmp relay service

You are looking for a cheap smtp relay service that delivers inbox? Fortunately, BulkResponse.com has a number of great features that can get you to send more emails. 

BulkResponse is the only Mass Email blast service which allows its users to import unlimited contacts. Thousands of email marketers use BulkResponse as their cold email outreach sender tool.

Here are a few ways you can use Bulkresponse that will allow you to:

  • BulkResponse imports your leads from your main website and shows complete data to you.
  • Campaign tracking has now become very easy with bulk response. Bulkresponse opens, clicks, calculates bounce rate and unsubscribes your email outreach campaign.
  • BulkResponse provides email list hygiene service.
  • It has different upgradation levels. You can start with a low budget to a higher package.
  • BulkResponse provides guaranteed delivery to inbox to yahoo,gmail,AOL and all other major ISP
  • It provides STMP relay services as well

 Main Features:

Unlimited Contacts Per Account:

BulkResponse is the best and most affordable way to increase email delivery. With our service you can have unlimited number of email accounts with your own domain. All our email accounts are shared and VPN enabled. While other services provide limited email accounts.

 Bulkresponse email service

BulkResponse Cheap SMTP Relay Service

BulkResponse allows SMTP relay email accounts and keyword filtering to stop spam from being sent and sold. As a bonus, BulkResponse ensures that all emails are delivered. The SMTP relay service is great for social media outreach, marketing and advertising campaigns, newsletters, transactional messages and for sending large attachments. BulkResponse even manages the backups on your bulk email accounts.

Importing & Exporting Leads

Another best feature of Bulkresponse is that you can download and upload your own mailing data in CSV format . you can also export the same data in Your account. The Import/export CSV feature of Bulkresponse is very user-friendly and helpful for importing the targeted prospects. Bulkresponse, the email management tool has many useful features that are effective friendly.

Unlimited Autoresponder Service

With Bulkresponse you can setup unlimited autoresponders. Autoresponders can be certainly triggered by certain events or form submissions.

Email Triggers

If you want your certain event to be launched or want any email to be opened ,getting a link clicked then for this purpose you can create triggers

When you finish setting up all options click “Next” button, then your Email Trigger will get added to your Mailing List automatically. You can go back, view, add and edit events of your bulk mailing list at any time. If you want to remove this BulkResponse trigger please go to the tab “trigger”, then find the trigger which you would like to remove and click the “delete” button, then the trigger will be deleted from your mailing list immediately.

Pre Designed Templates

In BulkResponse, you have 100+ pre designed email templates. Which will make your work very easy and will save your time as well.

with BulkResponse you can send email to 1000 users. This is how BulkResponse can save your time. Just create a template, add 1000 emails and program sequence numbers. You’ll get hundreds of messages in one click, automatically sent with the same on-time delivery date and time stamp. BulkResponse is magical email sending tool which sends bulk emails in just 30 seconds instead of the usual 20-30 minutes. It will help you save lots of time.  

BulkResponse Templates

Custom Fields 

BulkResponse is a great tool for creating powerful mailing lists. Now you can add unlimited custom fields, customize your subscription forms, build unlimited auto responders and create pop up splash pages quickly, easily and efficiently using our application.

you can add unlimited custom fields to get more user information. This will help to capture maximum users

Geolocation Stats

Bulkresponse is a Bulk Email Marketing Service Provider and in a very short time they have got an excellent reputation in bulk email sending with 100% open rate

With Bulk Response you can now see who opens and clicks your emails anywhere from around the globe. It is a service that shows you data that is previously hidden. There is nothing more valuable to an advertiser than seeing if the person reading their email is actually interested in it.

Bulkresponse geolocation service


BulkResponse STMP relay service


SendGrid email marketing service

Create high-impact email automations in hours not days with simple triggers and a centralized view of the messages. The email marketing is one of the most popular online business strategies to reach out to people by sending emails. These are such a base tool as well as an essential part of any marketing mix strategy. SendGrid is one of the best automation tool for sending emails.

Email automation is an advanced email marketing best practice that allows you to deliver personalized and relevant messages to your subscribers on a recurring schedule. From welcome series to purchase follow ups SendGrid provides best solution for all.

Template Library

If you are in need of a professional looking email template for your SendGrid account, I have some good news. You don’t have to make your own. SendGrid has a huge library of various templates that you can use. They make email building go a lot faster.

SendGrid Template Library

Drag & Drop Tools

The first impression people have of your brand is when they visit your website. If you don’t have a professional and up to date design with snappy, fluid, fast-loading text — even if you’re using the most advanced tools — then you could be losing customers before they buy. Designing your emails can be a challenge. They are the most versatile messaging medium and arguably one of the most popular ways we interact today.

Approachable Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for you to help grow your business. But it isn’t as simple as it used to be. With inboxes overflowing, you have to plan carefully — from the subject line to the time you send your email — if you want your emails to land in their digital mailbox. That’s where sendgrid comes in…

  • It helps to automate recurring emails of instead of duplicating them,
  • It helps to measure results and optimize over time
  • Time-saving automation without time-draining complexity.

Track and Improve

With Sendgrid you can see performance of your automation very well. You can view email content and its statistics all in just one view.

  • You can observe the reach of your email automation over time.
  • Through evaluation you can easily identify which email performs best 
  • You can easily update your subject lines and content in real time.


Its prices start from $19.95/month to $89.95/month

They slightly need to improve their customer service and billing transparency service


Mailgun email marketing services

If you are looking for a reputable email service which protects your sending reputation then Mailgun is the one. It ensures that your email don’t have any delivery issues and provides a built in email verification service..in this way you can keep your contacts data clean and simplify its management tasks.

Mailgun markets itself as “The Email Service for Developers”, offering strong APIs that empower you to send, get and follow email easily. Mailgun flaunts a 99.99% uptime SLA and gives their email administrations to 225,000+ organizations, offering a strong email API, Mailjet for email showcasing, email approval, burst sending, inbox position to anticipate deliverability issues, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

With Mailgun’s Deliverability Services, you get:

  • An assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) who monitors your account
  • A custom deliverability strategy
  • IP and domain reputation tracking and monitoring
  • Monthly reports on your email program’s health and performance
  • Mailgun shares that it has a typical delivery rate of 97.4%
  • They additionally said that their messages have a typical bounce rate of 0.42%, which is well under the business normal of 2%.


Its prices start from $35/month* to $90/month

4.Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a financially savvy, adaptable, and versatile email administration that empowers developers to send letters from inside any application. You can configure Amazon SES rapidly to help a few email use cases, including conditional, showcasing, or mass email interchanges. Amazon SES’s adaptable IP organization and email confirmation choices assist with driving higher deliverability and safeguard sender’s reputation, while sending investigations measure the effect of each email. With Amazon SES, you can send email safely, all around the world, and at scale.

Incorporate Rapidly

Utilizing either the Amazon SES control center, APIs, or SMTP, you can arrange email sending in minutes. Amazon SES likewise supports email getting, empowering you to associate with your clients at scale.

Streamline Your Deliverability

Utilize the standing dashboard, which incorporates account execution experiences and hostile to spam input, to make sure your deliverability. You have adaptable organization choices that reach from shared, committed, and client possessed IPs that assists you with impacting your sending notoriety. Amazon SES has associations with specialists like M3AAWG to further develop conveyance to your clients through industry best practices.

Send Messages Effectively

Email sending insights, including email conveyances, bounce rates, and input circle results, assist you with estimating the adequacy of each email outreach. Extra bits of knowledge like email open or  click-through rates  measure how connected your clients are in your email correspondences.

Scale safely

Amazon SES verification choices like Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) affirms your entitlement to send on behalf of your domain. Virtual confidential cloud (VPC) support makes email sending from any application secure. Amazon SES is worldwide accessible with HIPAA qualification, in-area consistence (C5, IRAP) and worldwide certificates (Fed-Ramp, ISO, GDPR).


At Postmark, whole business rotates around never losing a solitary email and guaranteeing that your messages show up rapidly — not in the end. It doesn’t hit their inbox immediately, they give it a second thought, and afterward they email support.

The additional help loads your group and damages your standing. Your password resets, permit keys, account affirmations, and other conditional messages are basic to your business, and they genuinely must show up in your clients’ inboxes right away.

Access 45 Days of Message History.

Postmark incorporates an accessible action feed with all the conditional messages sent in the past 45 days. You can channel by conveyance occasions, labels, or date and view the message or the movement history for all messages sent to a particular email address.

Investigating Devices

Postmark keeps 45 days of full satisfied history, recipient  data, and message occasions to assist you to know every issue.

Email Templates

Postmark accompanies content prepared, responsive email formats that look perfect in all significant email clients.



We have discussed in detail about STMP and the email automation process. Also shared with a few STMP and email service providers along with their pricing plans and specifications. Bulkresponse stmp relay serviceis much more reliable and better then rest because it is offering one million email credits which are quite cheaper than other service providers.

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