5 Tips to Improve Open Rate of an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing, by and large, is the most commonly used marketing technique employed by both big as well as small companies. With the world going unbelievably tech dependent, most of the people find themselves checking their emails several times a day and that’s what encourages the retailers to use bulk email marketing technique to promote their business. All they do is send a bulk of emails to a large number of recipients who visited their website, checked out the product links or watched the promotional videos.

While most of the companies and organizations are pretty much aware of this helpful marketing tool, they don’t know why their email open rates are way below their expectation, which ultimately lead to low sales.
Here are a few tips to help you improve the highly essential email open rates in this e-marketing campaign.
1.      First of all get it clear that sending a large number of emails to people randomly won’t help you in promoting your sales or flourishing your business. Sending them to the right people however will. So, instead, focus on exactly who are your prospective clients and then direct your email marketing campaign to them.
2.      Users are smart and the world they’re living in is a busy one, so they don’t have time to open emails which have a rather generic ‘From’ address. Do not go for addresses that make users get a feel that the company is not trustworthy. Always use your company’s name in the ‘From’ address to catch the attention of the readers at once. They’re more likely to open emails with genuine addresses than those with generic names.
3.      Right kind of subject line is pivotal to increase email open rates and eventually the chances of improving your sales. Your subject line should be precise (preferably under 50 characters) and to the point. Make it catchy but your offer shouldn’t sound too good to be true, as it might make it look like a spam mail and hence users may never bother opening your email again. Do not use caps, exclamation marks and big, flowery words. Your email should have a neat template with useful content and appropriate images to grab the attention of readers.
4.      Your system should provide you updated reports regarding email bounce and users who just don’t open up your mails. Once you have the data, just separate them out and reduce the frequency of sending them mails if not stopping altogether and instead find more users who might be interested in getting your promotional emails. You can make the emails more effective and user friendly by integrating an option which enables your users to let you know about their preferences regarding getting emails and how frequently they would like to get these.
5.       Choose a proper time to send the emails. Try being a little unconventional once in a while and instead of sending these emails in office hours, send them in the evening, and instead of week days, choose weekends. You never know, what might trigger your sales. 

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