7 Tips to Plan a Successful Email Blast

Businesses usually need to communicate to their existing and potential customers most frequently. This keeps them closer to their audiences. As email is among the most preferred communication channels, described below are 7 tips to plan a successful email blast.
Tip 1: Identify your Recipients

You cannot just send your email to a list of random addresses. You must know who you are addressing to. Send your email to the addressees that you have targeted as your customer. Make sure, the target email addresses have opted to receive the mails for your business or site. Moreover, you must be able to relate each of your recipients with the email you are sending.
Tip 2: Create Engaging Email Content

Content is an integral part of any email blast. Never send an email without the body content, as it will most probably be tagged as SPAM. On the other hand, the content you include in your email must be meaningful for the recipients. Embed visible links in to your content, so that the readers could willingly be directed to your website. Avoid using multimedia components like flash, ActiveX and JavaScript in your email, as these are usually not viewable.
Tip 3: Design Email Layout
You also have to choose the layout of your email. It could either be a text only, or a combination of content and images. However, inappropriate formatting can distort the overall appearance of your email message. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a simple layout, with a width not more than 600 pixels. Moreover, using CSS in your email might become tricky and display unformatted body layout. An excellent email blast software usually offers you email templates that are best accessible from the inbox.
Tip 4: Make it Valuable for the Readers
All you require from your email campaign is a sufficient response from the readers. This could only be attained if they find it useful to read the entire content of email and make a click on the link to visit your site. Design your email around a subject line that is commonly favored by the targeted audience. You can indicate a valuable offer for the readers in your email that could entice them.
Tip 5: Avoid SPAM filters
Always try to avoid the elements that could tag your email as SPAM. The tools used to identify whether an email is SPAM or not, are called SPAM filters. Once your email is marked as SPAM, it will adversely affect your email marketing campaign. The subjects that can make your email a SPAM are ‘talking about money, money back guarantees, using all Caps in subject line, using the word Test in subject line and words like Click Here or Why Pay More’. In addition to that, make sure you are not sending emails to those who have unsubscribed from your mailing list. 
Tip 6: Schedule your Email Blast
Email response rate is majorly influenced by the time span in which you send your emails. Therefore, you need to develop a schedule that gives you a maximum click rate from your targeted readers. You can alter schedule to identify the best time to send your emails. Generally, early hours of mid-weekdays are considered as the optimum period to start an email campaign.
Tip 7: Track your Email Blast
As you are spending money on the email marketing, you must be concerned about its outcome. You can track open rate and click rate of the email campaign to know how many recipients have read your email, and how many of them visited your site. By this, you will be able to carry out a cost to benefit analysis and see whether the current marketing strategy is working out efficiently or not. Most email blast services generally provide you with such analytics.
By following the above stated tips, you would certainly be able to experience a successful email blast for your latest offers and promotions.
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