Benefits of Email Marketing

Every business is different and every audience responds to different channels in different ways. However, marketing of your business defines the graph of audience response. Email marketing is a highly valuable tool for all types of marketing. Regardless of all the publicity about the importance of social media marketing, most professionals prefer email marketing to drive the customer engagement to its max. Email marketing is a proven success. Here are the reasons why you need to use an email marketing service.


With the help of Email marketing services, it becomes easier to make attractive email newsletters and emails of all types that match your business branding. They are generally eye-catching and appealing. As Consistent branding is very important for the growth of any business, ESP templates make delivery easy for all. With email marketing services you can include images, video content, and many different things, and place them in the spots of your choice.


Email templates deal with things other than attractive designs. While sending out bulk emails, you need to be very careful about the coding so that it shows the correct proportion of the content that is being sent to every client. When you design emails on your own email platform, you need to be expert in coding and a lot of time will be required to make sure that all of the emails are exactly the way they are meant to be. That’s quite exhausting. But with an email marketing services provider, you can rely on the templates to keep everything lined up and coded correctly. Almost 90 percent of the emails are delivered on mobile devices, so it’s very important that your emails are responsive. 


When it comes to the collecting information about the customers, then it easily goes way beyond the subscriber’s name and email address. There are so many other things as well and keeping track of all that data in a separate spreadsheet is time-consuming and cumbersome. Email marketing services automatically manage your contacts and organize their data so that it can be accessed much faster and easier.


It’s difficult to track the success of your email marketing campaign from your ordinary email address. Email marketing services provide built-in analytics that guide how to keep improve your customer engagement and retention rates. Without analytics, you’re really just emailing blindly. These analytics let you know that exactly how many of your emails reached the recipient’s inbox, how many of them were actually opened, and how many links were clicked. Email analytics also help in developing insights regarding email bounces or the success rate of subject lines.


If you send emails from your Gmail or Yahoo account to too many people at once, or your emails are usually considered as spam, and as a result your email address and entire IP location could be blacklisted. That means that now all of your emails will go straight to the spam folder of the recipients, even if it’s not a marketing email. Email marketing services observe the final destination of your emails. They take steps to make sure that emails aren’t marked as spam and protect you from becoming blacklisted.


Certain days of the week and particular hours of the day are the optimum time to send different marketing emails. But what if you’re somewhere far away on business and the best time to send an email to your clients would be 3am? Email marketing services let you schedule emails to be sent at whatever time you like so that you don’t need to set timers to make sure you catch that important email window.


Every email platform has a limited number of contacts you can email at one time. As your business grows, you require to send emails to hundreds of recipients in one go. Email marketing services platforms can expand to accommodate thousands of contacts and permit you to send bulk emails to number of recipients at once. With an email marketing platform you can easily scale up your business without worrying about hitting a wall.
These are some of the measurable benefits of email marketing over other marketing channels! If you’re not incorporating email into your marketing plan, then you’re missing out on a number of benefits that can improve your overall sales and user engagement. 

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