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How to clean email lists? An honest review of different email list cleaning tools

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We get a lot of enquiries on helpdesk from our customer about whether we do email list cleaning.
The answer is “NO”. We as ESP are more focused on getting your emails delivered without problems. It is beyond our scope to do the email list cleaning.
However, we can certainly make some recommendations that can help you clean your lists. After all, we also want our customers to import good and fresh data into our system as it creates less problems for us.
As a clear policy, I want to be loud about the fact that we don’t and will not tolerate Spam Traps at any cost. It not only affects our reputation as ESP, it also hurts email deliverability of thousands of BulkResponse customers who have clean double opt-in lists and follow good mailing practices. So NO Spam Traps allowed here. Period.
There for, it is important you get your lists cleaned from spam traps before loading them into our system. We strictly monitor spam trap hits and block such accounts associated with trap hits regularly.
So here is review of some of tools offered in market for list cleaning.
There are many tools available in market and some services too, but they charge very high.

Desktop Tools for List Cleaning

These are tools that you can pay once for, download and install on your dekstop. Remember, these tools can verify domain (mx level check), bad IDs on aol, gmail, hotmail and require proxies to work correctly and accurately. These tools can’t work with yahoo as yahoo has extra security layer that they cannot bypass
Also, these tools cannot find and remove Spam Traps, if your list has got one.
Here is another one I just came across yesterday, but never tried it so I cant really comment on this

Online List Clean Services to use

Unlike the tools above, the following online list cleaning services require you to load your list on their servers, then download cleaned list a day later. 
The following tools can do everything desktop tools mentioned above can do + Yahoo + spamtrap cleaning. They are considered more accurate and reliable but costly too.


BulkResponse does not endorse or is not affiliated with either of the tools mentioned above. Please make your investment at your own risk after carefully reviewing products and only after you are fully satisfied with results.

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