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Top 5 Tips to Improve email Deliverability

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In order to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, it is imperative that you regularly monitor your email deliverability rate and constantly strive to improve it. The volume of emails that most customers receives on a daily basis can make it difficult for you to ensure that your message reaches to your targeted audience amidst all the clutter. Here are 5 valuable tips to significantly improve email deliverability to your customers and get the desired response:

1. Practice Good Hygiene for Your List

To improve email deliverability, you as an email marketer need to practice good hygiene for your list by keeping it up-to-date and deleting records and addresses that are no longer valid. You constantly need to check for ‘bad’ email addresses that are deemed as permanently undeliverable by the ISP, i.e. addresses that are ‘bounced’ back to you, and remove those addresses immediately from the list. Such addresses may not exist anymore or are not in use, and thus emails are not delivered to them. Ideally, you should aim for a bounce rate of 3-5 percent; anything above that must be taken care of since it may affect your email deliverability.   

2. Determine the Best Time to Send Emails

You are probably not aware of the fact that there is a right – or the best – time to send an email to your customers, depending upon your area of business. Prior to starting your email marketing campaign, you need to determine the best time to get your message across to the customers, which is directly linked to your email deliverability rate. Since the best time to send an email is often based on general trends prevailing in the industry, it does not apply to every business. You can determine the right time using data and analytics that pertain to your business in particular. There are a number of email software providers such as Campaign Monitor and Aweber that report data regarding the time and open rate according to your particular niche, which might help you in improving your email marketing campaign.

3. Comply with the Can-Spam Act

Compliance with the can-spam act is a must for all email marketers if they want to improve email deliverability and prevent their emails from ending up in the spam folder. All system-generated emails sent to subscribers must not only contain a physical address, but also an option for subscribers to unsubscribe and opt out of receiving emails in future. This is a vital business practice in establishing the trust and credibility of your marketing campaign.

4. Use a Double Opt-In System

Using a double opt-in system would help you avoid from getting blacklisted, which is possibly the worst that could happen to an email marketer. In order to prevent your address from ending up on blacklists, it is suggested that you provide an opt-in confirmation to your subscribers in the email as soon as they sign up, and then enquire if they would like to be a part of your list or not. Confirmation on two levels by the subscribers significantly diminishes the chances of getting blacklisted, thus improving email deliverability to a great extent.  

5. Adopt Authentication Protocols

Adopting authentication protocols like Sender ID and Sender Policy Framework is yet another way to improve email deliverability, since they establish the fact that the email is actually sent from the company it claims to be from. Along with establishing authenticity and credibility, implementation of such protocols would also help tackle the issues of phishing and email spoofing, thus preventing your legitimate emails from being marked as spam. 
To improve your email deliverability and get the most out of your email marketing at the best possible prices, sign up today for email marketing service and see the results for yourself!  

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