BulkResponse Just Turned 4

I wanted to give a quick shout to our customers and team to remind them we just turned 4 :-)Today is 11 June and this day holds very important in my life. 4 years ago, on this day, I, with my family and hand full of employees decided to take a new path in life that will take us to heights of our goals. We wanted to build a true company that had true values, self believe and excellent customer service. We started to develop a culture in company that was focused on customer satisfaction and I am glad to see that this culture is very much in  our roots at this day. Every single customer is important to us, whether small or big. We continue to offer very personalize support to each and every customer no matter what package they have signed up for. I am so pleased to see this dream realizing step by step.

We are getting bigger in terms of resources and servers, but we have much more to achieve. I want to thank all our customers who continue to support us from last 4 years and I assure them a top quality service will continue to be our main specialty for coming years and months. Not only that, with your continued support, we promise to improve our software, servers, deliverability and give it our best efforts to make each and every email deliver for you. We also have big plans for this year and by year end we will be having some big announcements with some very cool new features added to our service. I would keep you in touch about progress as it happens. I want to say a BIG thanks to all the programmers, designers, server engineers and support engineers who work day and night to make bulk response a success. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today. I congratulate you on your dedicated effort to improve this company every day and night. As a celebration, we are taking a weekend early off. We will take our team on a nice tour to a relaxing mountain area where temperatures are much lower in this hot summer. Don’t worry, all support and server staff will continue to work during weekends, so all customers will be covered. After all, we all need a break don’t you think 🙂 ?Partner in your success, Khurram Shahzad Founder and CEO at BulkResponse.com Click Here to learn more.

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