Things You Need To Know About BulkResponse

I have been thinking hard on what we should write about the first blog post on our official blog. Then we had huge brainstorming session in house (yes, it is that hard) and we all agreed, why not start answering some common questions customers ask us every day.

So here we go people…

Why I haven’t heard of BulkResponse before?

That’s a very good question.

Our core team has been involved in email business one way or another since 2003. When I say involved, I mean doing every thing related to email marketing including coding & software development, Whitelisting & Reputation monitoring, Support & Sales, Servers & Administration.

In 2008, we decided to bring all expertise on board and start a company. We have been quietly working on building company from 4 years and some of our clients are some well known internet marketing gurus, leaders in financial industry, CPA industry & direct marketing industry.

In all those years, we never really marketed our business too much. We focused on improving our services & providing dedicated support to our enterprise customers. We were very selective about our clients and only wanted to offer best services to high volume email senders only.

Finally, we decided to open our platform for everyone, even for a small business owner who wants to send 5000 emails only.

We are not very big yet, but we are getting there soon. Things are happening very fast in our company. We have skilled human resource, right technology and good leadership. Sky is the limit now.

What kind of support will I get?

BulkResponse is lucky to have attracted some of the best talent available in industry to be at your service round the clock. We have Tier1 support & Tier2 support personal’s who can offer you help through Phone, Email, Helpdesk or even skype if needed.

Why Unlimited Contacts?

We see all our competitors are imposing this limit. They limit you on database.

We believe that is not right approach to email marketing. Your business is important to us, and we believe that you should be able to grow your database as much as you like without any limitations. You only pay us more if you mail more, no limits on database.

So feel free to grow as big as you like, because there is one platform that is ready to help you grow indefinitely without having to worry about being shutdown.

I still have some questions, now what?

Feel free to see our FAQs page to get answers.

If you want to talk to live human being then Call Us or Contact Helpdesk

OK, I am SOLD. Where can I signup

Wonderful! Click Here to choose a plan. You can cancel any time, there is no long term contract or obligation.

At, we are helping our customers get more leads for their business using bulk email marketing. Click Here to signup for your BulkResponse Account and start getting business leads right away. 

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