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Bullet Proof Bulk Email Server | Mass Email Server

Send Unlimited Bulk Emails With
Your Own Dedicated Mass Email Server

Fully Manage Ready To Use Mass
Email Servers

BulkResponse offers you high power dedicated mass email server that can sends up to 1 million Emails per day. Each Server can have up to 255 Dedicated IPs for sending out the emails. Due to this, emails are delivered quickly to multiple recipients with rotating IPs. There are no long-term contracts required.

BulkResponse is strictly designed to support bulk mailing, ensuring that all your messages will get to the intended inboxes – no matter how much volume you have.

Plus, BulkResponse also comes with a full set of tracking tools that will help you understand the performance of your campaigns and improve it. Our bulk email software also comes free with your bulk email servers, so you don't need a separate software for injecting emails. You can get immediately millions of emails per month or lifetime and can also upgrade according to your mailing needs.

Send Unlimited Emails Using Dedicated
Mass Email Servers

Multiple rotating IP addresses

Bulkresponse has partnered with most reliable IP networks and is most resourceful about IP addresses.
These IPs can be used in rotation to avoid black listings and ensure persistent delivery to top ESPs.

IP address replacement free of charge

If your IPs get blacklisted, your delivery can suffer. BulkResponse has a real time IP blacklist monitoring system and our team takes no time to find and fix the problem. If your IPs get too bad, there is a free replacement option at your next billing cycle.

Variety of IP address ranges from /29 to /22

It doesn't matter how many IPs you need. Bulkresponse will always be prepared to meet any IP address demand, thanks to our relations with high powered IP networks.

IP Reputation And Prechecks

Before any IPs are rendered to your account, BulkResponse ensured that your IPs are already reputed and in good health. No blacklisted IPs will be provided at the start of billing cycle. However, you have to ensure that you keep IPs clean by sending out to most active data and offers must match the audience interests.

IP monitoring and backlist removal through
automated process

BulkResponse has the automated IP blacklist monitoring and removal process, so you can be at peace of mind while sending large volume emails. Our blacklist removal system is integrated with over 50 top blacklist services.

Dedicated Domain Names With Multiple
Rotating Domains

For a bulk email system to successfully operate, you need a lot of domains. BulkResponse has got you covered.
We offer multiple well reputed and aged domains with each bulk email server
Some of these domains are used for RDNS purpose, while others are used for application hosting and tracking purposes.

Domains Are Provided Free Of Charge

All domains are provided free of charge as part of the package. However, if you have special needs (such as aged .COM) then we might charge you a small registration and setup fee.

Domain Rotation

We understand domains don't last for long, specially when you send high volume emails. That's exactly why we keep rotating domains after every campaign. The process is quick, automated and seamless so you don't have to do anything to rotate domains.

Domain Monitoring And Blacklist Removal

Since domain blacklisting badly effects your email delivery, BulkResponse has automated solution for this. Your domains will be automatically checked every few minutes and removed from blacklist in real time.

Automatic Domain Replacement

Very rarely, we might have to replace your domains with fresh more reputed ones. Thanks to our automated system, domain replacement is seamless and pain free.

Feedback Loop (FBL) And Abuse Monitoring

No matter how well configured your email server may be, complaints will kill your deliverability. It is therefore very important to monitor complaint rate and keep it low. All your IPs will be subscribed to Feedback Loop systems of all major ISPs. We are currently subscribed to FBL program of 10 top ISPs.

List Hygiene And Email Validation

We understand you may not be in contact with your subscribers for a long time. Due to this, you may have a lot of expired or invalid emails inside your list. Our List Hygiene service enables you to get rid of all invalid emails and only focus on contacts who are active and responding to your offers. For more information, Click Here

SPF DKIM configuration

Want any help regarding SPF and DKIM Authentication? BulkResponse can help you in a way to prove an email isn't forged. BulkResponse automatically authenticates all emails sent through our servers, by adding DNS records to your domain, BulkResponse can send on your behalf and digitally 'sign' your emails.

Dedicated Email Server

Campaign Monitoring & 24/7 Support

When you are sending out such a large volume emails, you want to make sure you are not left alone. Our Support team will not only make sure they monitor your campaigns round the clock but they will be just a phone call away.


Dedicated Email Server

Email Throttling And Control

ISP wise controlled throttling can help us stop spam and ensure your email reaches inbox of your subscribers. Our warm up process is step by step where we walk you through from a very low-level volumes scaling up to your desired volumes gradually and slowly.

Dedicated Email Server

IP Warmup And Reputation

BulkResponse lets you to gradually increase the volume of mails sent with a dedicated IP address according to a predetermined schedule. This gradual process helps to establish a reputation with ISPs, as a legitimate email sender.

BulkResponse -  Bulk Email Service

BulkResponse is premier email marketing company operating since 2008. Our mission is to empower small and medium businesses to achieve their marketing goals and increase their outreach. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about our service.


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