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Let’s say, you want to send a mass email to your subscribers, without sounding spam. Also, you want your bulk email marketing campaign to be effective as well. If you want to get it out quickly as you don’t have time to read a hundred guides about email marketing, then these are some of the general tips for providing a good mass email service in the first place.

People don’t read email like they read a novel. They skim the content, especially if they are multi-tasking. If you want people to respond, you need to clearly explain the benefits they’ll get when they accept your mass email service.

Don’t just keep talking about the features of your product — clearly explain your audience what will happen in the long run. What problems will be solved after they accept your service? Explain all this within that first email without causing any confusion for your audience. 
Know your audience
Writing any email marketing message begins by understanding the audience who’ll receive it. You need to know your target audience and what’s most important to them. This includes not only the benefits and features of your offer that are most important to them but also the language they’ll best relate to. Write in a language using style and words the target audience best responds to. Your message should sound like a conversation.
Your content should be compelling
It’s your audience’s choice whether to keep reading or unsubscribe. Make sure they choose to read your content, by not wasting their time or boring them. Be careful while deciding your content.
Try to talk more about audience’s ease
No one cares about your business or email services. All people care about is how your product, service, or offer can help them, make their lives better. Don’t fill your messages with information about how great your company is and how wonderful your product or service is. Instead, keep the content that clearly and repeatedly expand on the benefits of your offer so recipients understand how it will affect their lives in positive ways.
Get to know all about your medium
To write effective email blast marketing messages, you need to understand the nuances of email communications that affect your copy. For example, email marketing messages should be structured with a main heading and subheadings as well as bulleted lists, so it’s easy for recipients to quickly scan your messages and evaluate their relevancy. Email copy should be written in short paragraphs so there are no long blocks of text. It’s also important to ensure your copy layout is easily readable on all devices. Furthermore, white space is important to allow readers’ eyes to rest.
Subject lines matter

It’s important to test everything to do with your mass email, but testing subject lines is a bare minimum. Even email professionals can’t always predict what a winning subject line will be, also mass email tends to go through trends.
Test everything
Test everything, as much as possible. That’s how you learn how your list performs, and do even better over time. Test each and everything, don’t miss even a minute thing. Start with the testing of subject lines, then test senders, length of email, phrasing, graphic-only versus text, fancy email designs versus simple, test different kinds of asks, and so on. 
Make sure your emails are good enough to perform well even on mobile devices. Most of the emails are opened on mobile devices now, so your email MUST look good and be easy to do on a mobile device or your audience will give up on

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