Year-End Surge: Meeting Sales Targets Through Bulk Emailing in Q4

So it has been a one of the worst years of global economy and throughout the year you faced two types of prospects, the ones that don’t want to buy your product and the ones that want to buy it, but just can’t afford it. And now as this year is about to end, your boss is not happy with your progress and you are nowhere near your annual sales target. My friend now you have only two options:
1) Come Up Good Excuses
2) Take Advantage Of Quarter 4 To Meet Your Sales Target

Worried Email Marketer

Throughout the world the best sales people are not the ones that work the most hardest but they are the ones that work the most smartest. Theses best salesmen are always looking out for changing Trends, Markets, People’s sentiments and of course the changing Seasons. Did you know the biggest sales are always done during Quarter 4, especially during The Christmas and New Year’s Holidays?
Now you will say that’s all fine but Quarter 4 is almost over and I don’t know where to start.

best email marketing tool

This is where BulkResponse comes in for the rescue, used and trusted by only the best bulk email marketer throughout the world, Bulkresponse comes with email marketing tools that can start generating you sales in a matter of days if not in hours. Here’s is a brief detail on how Bulkresponse email marketing tools can help you achieve your sales targets in quarter 4:


With Bulkresponse email list cleaning service we can clean your raw leads making sure that you have definite prospects to target for your email marketing campaign, our email list cleaning tool removes all the duplicate emails, dirty MX, spam traps, honey pots, serial complainers, and bad syntax by scrubbing your list against our millions of historical data records.

SMTP Relay Service

Next lets make sure that your bulk emails get delivered. With over 95% deliverability rate, Bulkresponse SMTP service maintains a steady email delivery rate of 95% across all major ISPs including Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Gmail. 

Unlimited Bulk Emailing

Now you don’t have that much time and you need to send bulk emails daily, So you need a service that does not impose unreasonable limits to your campaign. With Bulk Response email marketing software you get unlimited contacts per account, unlimited autoresponders, unlimited custom fields, automatic bounce handling and much more.


In beginning of this article It was said, that you have two options and one of these two we clearly explained, now its entirely your choice to make the right decision for your career as an email marketer or as a small business owner trying to make his business bloom. At last you might say you don’t have enough budget for affording such high quality service, for this we also got you covered.

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So There is no time to waste, each second you wait to make this right choice is the second you have lost a potential customer.

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