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5 Benefits of using an Email Autoresponder Service

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survey conducted by Optify back in 2013 found around 60% of its surveyed companies lacking the use of autoresponders to send out their emails for them. For its survey, Optify defined autoresponder as an automated system that triggers a series of email responses after an online form is completed and submitted.

In today’s e-marketing world, the quality of a bulk email service can be enhanced main fold merely by employing an autoresponder to take care of all the correspondence. From sending out acknowledgements of transactions made on a website to giving reminders of sales and offers to all subscribers, autoresponders can do everything. Let’s take a more comprehensive look at the five most significant advantages of using an email auto responder service.

It’s a huge load off your shoulders
Once you engage an autoresponder service, all you need to do is have a way of getting more people to subscribe to emails from your website. This can be done by encouraging them to fill out subscription forms by offering suitable incentives: like a free trial of services offered at your website, a special discount on the first purchase, or anything which would be attractive for prospective customers. Once they’ve subscribed, all you need to do is set up the autoresponder, give it a list and sit back to let it do its work.
Build strong long-term relationships with all your customers
Autoresponders are extremely flexible. You can compose all messages ahead of time, and specify time and date to the software to send them out to everyone on your subscribers’ list. This reduces your efforts considerably and increases efficiency simply because it’s all programmed and obviously won’t forget anyone. The personal touch, deemed essential to all marketing tactics today, comes into play when customers receive personalized emails from you on a regular basis, keeping them in the loop about all recent developments in your business, in addition to any new offers or deals you come up with. All this happens 24/7 without you worrying about executing it yourself.
An economical alternative to actual employees
An autoresponder is a one-time investment. Once you have it in place, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money again to make it work consistently. It offers an extremely economical alternative to hiring employees to take care of all your business correspondence. Once your subscriber list has expanded enough, you’ll either have to hire people or an autoresponder service to manage it; because let’s face it – you can’t do everything yourself. If you prefer an autoresponder, it will never miss a single customer or any new subscriber. Each of your customers will receive the attention they deserve. This simple efficiency makes customers respect you.
Get more hits on your website AND more sales
An autoresponder fires on all cylinders. Not only is it extremely efficient at regularly communicating with all your subscribers, it can be used to obtain more clicks for your website and increase repeat sales to rope in higher profits. All you need to do is paste a link to your website (or blog) in the automated emails you send out, and viola! A simple sentence like “Please visit our official website for more information” will compel all recipients to do exactly that, automatically generating more traffic for your website.
Autoresponders can also be used to remind users of any expiring sales or promotions, shopping carts they filled in and later neglected, or simply new products and deals on your website. Any such reminder will get the customers thinking again, and may actually result in them making a purchase. Second time lucky, right?
Observe your performance
A key advantage of using an autoresponder service is its ability to store statistics. Autoresponders are often bundled with measuring devices to record statistics about your website’s performance. The statistics they compile include the number of emails actually opened by recipients, time of the day when most emails were opened, the number of new subscribers gained each day and so on. With this data in hand, you can improve on all these grounds by learning from your mistakes. You can modify future messages to include more information from emails that generated the most interest, and you can modify the timings during which you send out the maximum emails to your subscriber base.
Using an autoresponder service opens a world of opportunities to fine-tune and enhance your business correspondence. Its advantages over a marketing team are multi-faceted and overwhelming. Not only does it drastically improve your business marketing strategy effortlessly, but also gives you a lot of room to concentrate your own efforts on the growth of your business rather than worrying about staying in touch with existing customers.

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