5 Emails to Send to Your Customers and How to Send Them

So you have been down the road and already have taken the first step toward by building your contact list, and now you need to send something to your subscribers. But what should that something be? And how that something needs to be delivered?

…. If you’re yet to figure out this or how to get the customers’ engagement, here we’ve highlighted the points you need to keep track of, on a regular basis, along with a few other tips that will be helpful in long run.


People have a limited attention span of being online. They spend seconds reading an email before they want to convert or close.
Although it is said that strongest emails have no images, but I think one image performs much better than having no images at all, as it encourages someone to download back it up with some content within the email.


If you want to set up a potential meeting or be more personal, keep your mail text oriented wholly. This is one of the few types where you should go with all text. It feels more personal and serious, particularly if you want to set up a meeting. No one wants to see an email full of banners and images if you’re asking them for a coffee or a conversation. Address it directly from you and always personalize.


If you’re selling or doing a giveaway, try to be a little more visual. Emails with images have their place. In terms of giveaways or having something that is of physical value, it’s good to be visual. Even with images, you need to go straight to the point. Having a photo of the giveaway is important not only to capture attention but also to show what it is. Keep it straightforward with the images of the items you’re selling. The point of this is to make your audience guess what’s in the giveaway or what you’re trying to sell. Give them an image so they’re tempted to convert if they’re already interested.


When it comes to the feedbacks and surveys, be humble in your approach. No one likes braggers. Always ask for feedback because there could be improvements that can be made to an event. Use phrases which tend to work much better as compared to some ordinary talking.


The 48-Hour Rule: Basically, 48 hours after sending your first email, you should send a follow-up email with a completely different subject line to those who didn’t open your email. It ensures you get the maximum reach from your emails.
Test: If you don’t have time to test the content of the email, at least test subject lines.
Personalize: on average, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Additionally, personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.
Keep Content to the Landing Page: Always remember the average reading span of an email is in seconds. Hence, you want to tease readers to actually click and then redirect to your landing page, with few exceptions. Place the rest of your content on your landing page instead of your emails.

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