5 Mistakes Every E-Mail Marketer Must Avoid

E-mail marketing is without doubt a very effective means to not only gain exposure for your business, but also to attract and convert prospective customers to clients. This marketing technique, however, requires some finesse that determines whether or not it will achieve its desired purpose, because a few common mistakes could waste all your efforts to engage customers. Here are 5 common mistakes that every e-mail marketer should avoid as best as possible:- 

Content Overdose

Content overdose is about sending e-mails too frequently, as well as bombarding those mails with as much content as possible. Both these strategies are a big no-no for e-mail marketers – if you throw a lot of content at your prospects, you will come across as desperate to gain customers, which will put them off. Instead, try to build rapport with your customers using less but meaningful words, and you are likely to have a greater impact on them.
On the other hand, sending too many e-mails is definitely going to annoy your customers at some point of time, therefore, as an e-mail marketer you should know better where to stop and respect your customers’ privacy, even if they are your most loyal customers.  


Consistency is very important for an e-mail marketer; your prospects ad customers should know when to expect your e-mails. While it is true that sending too many e-mails will distance your customers, sending too less may also have the same results. Sending e-mails on a consistent basis ensures momentum, which is vital to build a relationship with your customers.

Not Knowing Your Target Audience

How can you expect e-mail marketing to benefit you when you don’t even know who your intended audience is? Knowing about your customers and keeping detailed profiles on them are the most important tasks for an e-mail marketer. This way, you will be in a better position to determine your customers’ interests and preferences, as well as provide them with offers and promotions that make them tick, and eventually influence their behavior in your favor.

Not Providing a Link to Unsubscribe

This should never be forgotten – failure to provide a link to unsubscribe will not only cost you in terms of customer loyalty, but could also land you in trouble with the law in extreme cases. Including an unsubscribe link in your e-mails will show your customers that you care for them and respect their privacy, giving them a choice to opt out of the mailing list at any time.

Failure to Evaluate Results

You can never know whether your e-mail marketing campaign is successful or not if you do not have a proper system in place to measure results and monitor the activity. Every e-mail marketer is advised to make use of analytics to determine if their e-mails are generating the desired results. Are the customers click and open the emails? How many of them actually visit the website? By knowing customer’s preferences, marketers you get a better idea of what changes to incorporate in their future e-mail marketing campaigns.
This is a brief introduction of the mistakes every email marketer must avoid. Do you have more tips? Please share them with the readers in the comments section below.

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