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Reasons WHY Email Marketing Fails at Times!!

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Every day new data is shared about email marketing; sometimes that data creates more confusion than it resolves. However, the same email marketing, when done right, is very effective. If your email marketing efforts are falling flat, then the problem is your overall mass email campaign. It’s not that email marketing itself is a failing trend. You are told about the strategies that will be effective almost everywhere, but you are never told about things you should avoid, when it comes to email marketing. 

This article here is all about the DONTS that you need to dodge. The factors that are discussed here are generally causing email marketing campaigns to fail.

a. If the content is not relevant to the user, then this will definitely add some negative impact on your campaign. 

b. Poor quality data is the last thing one can ever deliver to the customers. 

c. Try to know what needs to be sent to whom. You can send the worst creative in the world to a good quality list and you’ll get some response. Send the best creative in the world to bad data and expect no response. So make your choice before sending out the mails. 

d. People no longer rely on long, detailed messages and they definitely don’t want to see those on their desktop computers. Keep email messages simple and “at a glance.” Get to know how your prospects’ prefer to see your messages. 

e. The use of CSS can make the email illegible. Avoid that as much as possible in your email marketing campaign. 

An un-catchy mail subject line never gives out good results. Emails with Unattractive subject line mostly find their way into the spam.  

f. Avoid too many images. The proportion of images as compared to the text needs to be less.

g.If you are not being clear on the “What’s in it For Me?” factor for the recipient, your all effort will be in vain. Don’t ignore that. 

h.If you are not fulfilling your promise, then your customers will run away sooner or later. E.g. you announce an off in the subject line when actually it is not available in the message.

i. Don’t use Poor landing pages for your links. It will disappoint or confuse the reader and can give you terrible conversion even if click-through looks good.

j. Never send out Emails without a clear header and footer.

k.Don’t over complicate your message. Make it simple, easy to read with sexy content!

l. Segmentation is the key of the success!

Email marketing is a relevant means of reaching customers, since forever. With the right technical ways, your brand can remain competitive and increase conversions on each campaign. Be clear about those ways. 

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